Sunday, October 30, 2005

No rest for the wicked!

Well hi all, hope you're having a great weekend.
Last night I played my 6th gig in as many nights, but last night was on drums - my true love and what I'm best at.
It's been a great week, but this job is HARD! Must admit I play harder than I work so it's partly self-inflicted, but after 6 nights it can start to wear even me down.
This week's gigs were mostly with my old friend Chesney Hawkes, in Hanley, Liverpool, Bradford, Leeds, Wigan (northern English towns), and my current home town of Salisbury (nr Stone Henge).
Those stateside may not know who Chesney is, although if you're a Who fan you should. Ches had an international No.1 hit back in 1991 with a song called The One and Only (by Nik Kershaw), which featured in the movie 'Buddy's Song', which starred Roger Daltrey playing his father in the film.
Anyway The One & Only is still a very popular student anthem so we get to do loads of gigs at universities, night clubs, etc. to the student crowds - some of whom were only about 4 yrs of age in 1991! They are not 4 anymore, however, and 2,000 screaming 18-24 yr old girls all dressed in sexy school uniforms (complete with stockings, suspenders, mini-skirts, etc.) is a sight to behold I can tell you!
My nerves are invariably in tatters by the end of the night and I have to go to my hotel room, sit on the bed rocking gently and sucking my thumb.

Here's a pic of me playing at such a show last year (note short hair)...

Last night's gig was a different story though. It's my friend's dad's band. They are all middle aged guys, called Stiff Joints, and play all kinds of 60's to present day covers. It's all about fun, so there's no pressure at all, we have a great laugh, play some good music and I get to play drums which makes me very happy.

Today is Sunday. On Sunday nights my local pub holds a pub quiz, and us locals take it in turns to be quizmaster. This week it's my turn, so now I must compile my quiz - which means I've got only a couple of hours to think of 40 questions! I usually do a music round too, and some silly things to keep it fun.

Anyway times a tickin' so I'm off!

Keep well you lot, and I hope to be reappearing on 'In the Attic' sometime soon so watch this space!

Love 'n' light, Stuee xx

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Bedford Arms

Well what a night that was! From the sound check on I could tell it would be a good'un - it just felt that way - and I wasn't to be disappointed.
There was a great sense that everyone was playing because they loved playing, and all those listening were there because they wanted to listen! Now that may sound obvious, but not every gig is like that and it was so refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.
Everyone played their hearts out for the amazing audience, who were quiet when somebody was performing (apart from the odd broken glass or heckling twat - there's always one!), but let rip with rousing applause in between numbers. Thank you to anyone who came; your support is vital to events like that working.
Huge respect to Rachel, Pete T, Simon T, Mikey, Foy, the band (Peter Huntington - Drums, Dave Holmes - Guitar and ME - bass ;-) and all the crew (Bob, Myles, Alan, Matt, Linc, Plong, and the others) and of course Tony and all at the Bedford.
I wait with baited breath (whatever that means!) to see what Rachel has up her sleeve for the next extravaganza...?

Meanwhile I popped in on Rach & Mikey's 'In the Attic' show on WhoTV yesterday. Obviously the two hosts were there, plus Pete and Simon Townshend who both performed songs.
Must admit I tend to clam up when on camera and although I don't usually get nervous, it was a bit of a struggle to get any words to come out of my mouth! Still I'm ok as long as I'm playing and it was a lot of fun performing a song on acoustic with Mikey, one on bass with Rach, and playing I'm One again with Pete and everyone at the end. They are all awesome people, musicians and friends.

Well I'm getting hungry so I'll leave you with that for now.
More as things happen.
Take care, Stuee xxx